About Junebug


Who is Junebug??

Born and raised in a small rural town in North Florida, June worked her way through college, earning a Criminology degree at Florida State University (FSU). During her time at FSU, she met and married her husband of 26 years, and they have 3 grown children plus 1 in high school. They also have both a daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.

June has written 3 Christian books (www.RxBooks.com), created her own Bible Study, has owned several small businesses, and even has had time to be involved in community organizations and causes.

June's evolution into the wise counselor that she has become has been built through years and years of overcoming the many obstacles and trials that have come her way. Her no nonsense style of attacking problems with real life solutions, her loving nature, and her never ending desire to seek God's wisdom in all things, has made her a sought after problem solver.

Wherever she goes, she's always reaching out to help, teach and encourage others. So, enjoy her website, the "little doses of june", and the questions and answers. For we all could use "a little dose of june"....