Little Doses of June / He Hates The Wicked Heart!

A Little Dose of June

Yesterday, while reading some words of wisdom in Proverbs, I ran across seven abominations to the Lord. These included: prideful attitude, liar, murderer, person who schemes, one who is always looking for trouble, one who tells lies about another, and a troublemaker. Interestingly, I didn't see adultery, lust, pornography, swearing, stealing, alcoholism, or drug addictions. What in the world? Could God not be aware of how minor it is to gossip versus looking at pornography? Could He not realize how harmless it is tell personal details about someone in the name of a "prayer request"? Could He not even comprehend that repeating gossip to another person is much less harmful than drinking too much? Or even that my lies to "cover" myself or protect myself are nowhere near that of sexual promiscuity? Doesn't He understand that there are just some sins much worse than others?  And my little bits of lies, gossip, and edited prayer requests are far less destructive than that of a cussing, drinking, sexually active person?

Unfortunately, I have personally witnessed and have been guilty of this judgmental thinking myself. As I read the things my dear Father hates, I realized that He hates the wicked heart in which something is done. He hates all sin, don't get me wrong, but according to Proverbs 6:16-19, He especially hates the sin that is devised out of a conniving heart.

Have you committed one of these 7 abominations recently and not given much thought to it? Justification is not allowed!