Little Doses of June / Don't Preach and Drive

A Little Dose of June

While driving North on I-65 in Alabama as I was heading back home from Florida, I thought of my favorite Aunt. I decided right then and there that I'd call her and do some witnessing as I made my long jaunt home. As we talked, the conversation moved to the Bible and my beloved Aunt mentioned how she didn't get much out of reading it; she said she didn't understand it and found it boring. Junebug didn't like to hear the words boring, so I began telling her in my own words and in a very animated manner several of my favorite the Bible stories.  As I progressed from Joseph to King David my speed increased along with my vivacious Bible story telling. And then it happened - blue lights, the dreaded siren - the Alabama Hwy Patrol caught me traveling at a high rate of speed. Quickly and embarrassingly, I made an excuse to hang up almost instantly, leaving my Aunt puzzled on the other end of that conversation. I thought if I explained to the dear patrolman that I was doing a very good deed, witnessing to a family member and my speed simply got away from me, that he would understand and forgive the offense. No, it didn't happen that way. He ever so kindly issued me a 100 plus dollar speeding ticket and said, "God bless you dear." I found myself thanking him for the ticket and SLOWLY driving away...thinking, the moral to this story is to never preach and drive.