Little Doses of June / Sitting In God's Lap!

A Little Dose of June

When our baby, Sinclair, was 15 years old and obtained her learners permit, she took me by surprise with an interesting and quite humorous question. As we exited the driver's license bureau, I tossed her the car keys, congratulated her and said, "It's all yours baby." She then looked at me and asked with all seriousness, "Mom am I supposed to sit in your lap and drive?" I have to admit, I got a good belly laugh at her innocent expense and also realized that she was STILL our baby. But as I looked back on her question, I thought of God and how HE so desires that we crawl up in HIS lap by reading HIS Word and talking to HIM through prayer. HE would love for us to ask with all seriousness that very question of HIM everyday; God can I sit in your lap as I drive through this life of mine?