Little Doses of June / Speak Out For Him!

A Little Dose of June

Have you ever been quiet when the people around you were speaking untruths or slanderous comments about another? Even the rulers of Jerusalem believed Jesus was the son of God, but kept this to themselves for fear of the Pharisee's kicking them out of the Temple, where they regularly worshipped. These men of stature, the rulers of that time, desired the accolades of man, over that of God.(John 12:42&43) Sounds downright ridiculous to me, but, haven't we all been guilty of this at some point in our own lives?

Listen to me closely. Be careful not to "shut-up" when you should "speak-up". By being silent you are taking a stand. The rulers during Jesus' time of ministry made a decision to harmonize rather than vocalize! No matter their justification, they didn't fool Jesus.