Little Doses of June / Stop & Smell the Roses

A Little Dose of June

As I leave my house I carefully stop and pick the brightest and sweetest rose in the bunch, on my heavily blooming rosebush.  Thorns and all, I pick it right quick as my ride is waiting. With eager anticipation, I hop into the car looking for my grandson's smiling face.  He never disappoints me, is always happy to see me, never too busy to stop what he's doing to greet me with a huge baby hug and a sweet sloppy kiss.  I too don't miss an opportunity to pick him a rose, sing him a song, even if I don’t  hit a single note, show him the sunsets, and chase him with my fiercest Grandmommy voice saying, "I’m gonna get cha!" I do take the time to smell the roses, not only with Cabe, but with others, as well. You see, we are eternal beings, without promise of tomorrow (here on Earth that is). So, make time to love on those around you.  You may not have tomorrow, but my dear, you DO have “right here and now”!  Stop and smell the roses!