Little Doses of June / The LORD Fights our Battles!

A Little Dose of June

If you find yourself battling depression, cancer, suicidal thoughts, disease, hopeless situations, addictions, or anything that holds you in bondage, then listen up, for I have stumbled upon an excellent source of hope and victory in 2 Chronicles 32.  Have you ever heard of King Sennacherib? ME either!   He was THE man to be afraid of.  He bragged, rightfully so, on what he and his fathers had done to "all the peoples of other lands?"  He also questioned where the god's of those nations were when he utterly destroyed them.  He challenged King Hezekiah's, God by saying, "How much less will your God deliver you from my hand?" 

King Hezekiah "did what was good and right and true before the Lord his God."  Because of this loyal obedience and unshakable faith he had in God Almighty, Hezekiah when faced with his "cancer, depression, addiction, BATTLE", was delivered  from his enemies! 

Look at what was done to Hezekiah and then how he reacted.  He was threatened with a real threat by a vicious, evil, victorious, undefeated king!  Does your situation appear hopeless?  Hezekiah's did and more importantly, he was constantly reminded by evil King Senna of how many lands and people he had massacred and destroyed,all the while providing multiple examples to the king.  Hezekiah did not let his words stick.  Instead, he encouraged his people by reminding them that with King Senna "is an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God, to help us and to fight our battles."

Right before the Lord sent His angel to cut down every mighty man of valor in King Senna's  camp, God-fearing King Hezekiah PRAYED!  He joined  with the prophet Isaiah and cried out to God.  He picked a man whom was faithful and obedient to the LORD and together their petitions were heard! 

I hope this true account of a very real formidable enemy and his demise will open your eyes and increase your faith in the area that has you in turmoil.  For He is the same God, yesterday, today and forevermore!