Little Doses of June / Relax And Enjoy The Moment!

A Little Dose of June

I went to Florida recently to spend time with a dear bedridden friend. I couldn't wait to see her and neither could my daughter. Before we got to her house, we ran by Publix to get the makings for lasagna that I would prepare later. 
After spending the whole afternoon together, I retreated to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while my 15 year old daughter stayed in the bedroom with my girlfriend, Pete, chatting it up. I rushed, ran and hurried to finish the dinner so that those two wouldn't miss me too much. I just knew they were in the room twiddling their thumbs without me.
Once I got the lasagna in the oven, I burst in the bedroom thinking they would drop the "nothing' that they were doing and greet me with excitement!  Much to my astonishment, they didn't even look up at me or even glance in my direction. I thought to myself, "could it be they didn't even know I was gone?"  I tried to talk of my cooking escapades, and was quickly interrupted by my daughter saying, "Mom, we were in the middle of something, don't interrupt us!"
I retreated back to the kitchen to actually finish the dinner I had begun, when a revelation washed over me, "Junebug, relax, and enjoy exactly what you are doing at the precise time you are doing it!" Don't wish away, stress over or waste any moment you have...even the cooking part!