Little Doses of June / Lesson Learned from Baby Hummingbird

A Little Dose of June

This past July, my hubby, Jim, and I decided to hike a mountain not too far from our home. Ignoring the fact that the temperature exceeded 98 degrees and leaving water and maps at home confident that we could complete the hike in about an hour, we set out to have fun; and so off we went!  At first it was awesome, as the path was canopied by beautiful old hardwoods and the views were magnificent.  But after having wound around this mountain at least once, and having expended a great amount of energy in our brisk, almost straight uphill climb, I suggested to Jim that we start making our way back down.

At that, Jim gave pause; he was not certain as to which way to go. but after taking a moment, he confidently pointed to the right as I was walking left.  I acquiesced as I really had no clue as to where we were.  What I didn't realize is that he didn't either; for my husband's path took us further up the mountain! Our legs aching and burning, our feet sore with blisters forming; we completed the second hour of this steep mountain hike without water or, to my surprise, a cell phone! When I suggested to Jim that he call for assistance, he told me he didn't have his phone. Jim NEVER goes anywhere without his cell phone. Anytime he leaves the house, it is attached to him like it's a permanent appendage. So, as we continued  around this mountain like the Israelites wandering the desert, my anger toward my husband flared.

I started to snap at him for not taking his phone, but I heard a quiet voice say, "be kind,June". I knew it was the Lord; so I bit my tongue and continued in this vicious circle of trails, paths and now all too familiar turns. We kept trying his suggestions and somehow ended up in the same place, just more exhausted than before.   Again, my flesh wanted to lash, for I was now blaming all this heat, physical pain, and inability to call for help on my dear hubby. But, the voice again came to me saying, "June, enjoy the beauty of this hike; pace yourself and BE KIND!" I thought all kinds of things I wanted to complain about, but instead, I shut my mouth and actually said, "This is kind of fun, if it just wasn't so hot." I smiled and kept on walking. 

After what seemed an eternity, we finally found the right path out. Then, as we were making our way off the mountain, Jim suddenly stopped, bent down and said, "June look at this; I think it's a baby hummingbird," it was about the size of a quarter and very much alive! Stunned I stood there and began to cry. I explained to Jim that as a little girl, given the opportunity to make a wish, my wish was always the same, I wanted a baby hummingbird. It had been many,many years since I had told anyone that wish, but the Lord knew had saved that baby bird just for me to see up close and personal. We found the staff at the nature center and showed them the baby bird. They were amazed, telling us they had never seen a baby hummingbird in the wild - confirmation that this WAS a gift to me from God. Given the rarity of the find, they promised to do their best to help find it's nest.

As we drove home, I thought back to how we can get so agitated with one another, especially our spouses. I then thought about how my precious FATHER GOD had guided us through that mountain, and had even kept my mouth closed. as a result of my obedience in not showing disrespect to my husband, I believe I received my childhood wish; a good and unexpected gift from above!  Obedience is not always easy, but it WILL bring unexpected rewards.  How is God prompting you to be obedient?