Little Doses of June / Inlaws or Outlaws

A Little Dose of June

I attended a small birthday celebration last night and was struck by the story my dear friend Debbie shared with me. We were talking about how difficult it can be to integrate in-laws into your family, especially if your backgrounds are extremely different. Debbie told us that when she married, she and her mother-in-law, "Mama Rose", did not get all! Debbie said they actually had contempt for one another. This went on for 6 years. Finally, her husband's best friend took her aside and lovingly gave her this scenario. He said, "Debbie, if Mama Rose were paralyzed and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair, would you take the time to push her across the street if she needed to get there, even as aggravating as she is?"  Without hesitation, Debbie said, "Well, of course I would." The family friend clarified that Mama Rose was not saved and as a result was spiritually crippled. He showed Debbie that she would have to be the one to extend the olive branch, always, or at least until Mama Rose came to know Jesus. At that very moment Debbie said the scales were lifted from her eyes and she began to see Mama Rose in an entirely different light; an epiphany moment for sure. Almost instantly, God put a love in Debbie's heart for her Mama Rose. She said she found herself calling Mama Rose for lunch and even telling her that she missed her. Many joyful years later, Mama Rose was diagnosed with cancer. It was during this time that Debbie became Mama Rose's best friend. When Mama Rose drew her last breath, she crossed over to life eternal for she had been shown the love of Christ and accepted Jesus as Saviour through her daughter-in law, Debbie. Changing your own perspective can literally save a relationship and a life!