Little Doses of June / Kiss and Pray

A Little Dose of June

A few weeks ago, I kept my Grandchildren while visiting family and friends in Florida. I have to admit I've learned MUCH from my Grandson McCabe during such visits. I have gained a renewed appreciation for all of God's creation, even the overlooked and seemingly unimportant things of this world, when seen through Caby's eyes. I've also seen what God's total acceptance of any and all people look like when Caby meets strangers. And it's always such a welcome surprise for me to get a tangible glimpse of God's love by simply watching Caby in action.

Each evening during my most recent visit, when it came time for "night night", Caby urged his Grandma "Buggy" to lie down next to him and pray him to sleep. I, of course, couldn't resist! So, I would stretch out next to him and attempt to pray this innocent baby boy into a peaceful slumber. Caby, with absolute love for his Grandma, would immediately wrap one of his little fat baby arms around my neck while tightly holding on to my fingers with his other hand. Then, to satisfy his intense need to love me, he would intertwine his legs around mine. As I closed my eyes to pray aloud, aware that I was tightly wrapped in Caby's love, I felt his tiny sweet lips on mine. As I prayed, he kissed my eyelids, my nose, my cheeks and my lips as if it were totally normal to kiss and pray.  

Immersed in this all encompassing love, I prayed to Jesus thanking Him for this sweet innocent child, a true blessing in our lives. At that moment, I felt the Lord say to me, "June, this is just a tiny fragment of my love for you, of how I can't get enough of you, my daughter. If you ever doubt My love, or struggle with My being there for you, think back to this moment with Caby. Let the love he's poured out remind you that I love you even more than this precious child loves you; and remember, I never fall asleep! I am always kissing you, hugging you and holding you tight; and I will never let you go!" In that instance, God made Hebrews 5:13 come alive for me. His promise to "never leave or forsake me" was confirmed in an awesome, tangible way that I will never forget. His love is real, incredibly powerful and wonderfully overwhelming!