Little Doses of June / What Do You Believe?

A Little Dose of June

A lie ( i.e.insecurity, feelings of not being "good"enough, belief that if anyone really got to know you they would see that you are unlovable, unwarranted fear, inferiority,self blame, etc. ) is nothingness; it is completely dead and has no power over you unless, however, you believe it. If u believe it, then it will gain power,life, and vitality. It will take on personality as if it were alive. But it's not real. It a nonentity, a nonexistent thing . That's why we must take every thought captive and not allow any lie from the enemy to come into existence.  It's within our power to do so. Make up your mind today to reject all lies so that you live a life of truth and realness and most of all peace!