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Bernie from Ft Lauderdale, FL asks...

Does God answer to anyone?

Dear Junebug: How do you explain the existence of GOD relative to the Holocaust where some 6 million Jews and Gypsies plus others were tortured, starved and killed?

Posted in Religion on Sat, Jul 24th 2010

Do you choose to believe He's good?

Dear Bernie:

First, I believe this torture and mass evil presented here actually proves the existence of God. Realizing that these acts are bad shows that we understand there is an evil and there is also a good! So, if mass genocide, rape or whatever horrific evil represents a supreme evil, then there HAS to be something on the other end of the spectrum that represents a supreme good! This seems to prove there is something that is perfect that plays the role of a supreme good, aka God. Now, that answers the question literally, but in doing so, I haven't proven that this supreme good is our Christian God. I will, however, tell you how "Junebug" deals with this age old question of "how can a good God let bad things happen to innocent people, His very own creation?"

See Bernie, I choose to believe He is the good Creator of all things.  That's because I see Him in the orchestra of nature. I see Him in every single DNA molecule, an original each time.  I see Him in the zillions of galaxies flung far and wide across time and space.  I see Him in the proven historical facts of the Bible that man cannot explain nor refute. I see Him in a life that has been drastically changed and transformed; my own.  And perhaps most profoundly, I see Him in the miracle of birth!  You see Bernie; this is called "faith". Faith is believing without seeing.  Jesus told us so.  When  speaking to "doubting Thomas" Jesus said, "blessed is the man who believes yet has not seen" (John 20:29).

While I don't have all the answers to these most difficult questions, my faith in His goodness, the many miracles I've witnessed myself and my own changed life lends all credibility to His inspired Word, the Bible. I do know God gave us the gift of "free will"(thank God we are not robots) and we live in a fallen world (our choice/Adam and Eve in disobedience), hence the Hitler's, Stalin's and Castro's of this world. But because of my faith in Him, I eagerly await my eternal home in Heaven which is free from all suffering.

I will conclude with two questions for you? Would you believe in God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, if They, the Trinity, came to visit you today face to face; loving, teaching and performing miracles for you? Or would you do like they did in the ancient Bible times when Jesus walked among His people raising the dead, healing the sick and feeding the poor, yet still they chose not to believe?

Truths to ponder...