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Ricky from Franklin, TN asks...

Will We Ever Get It Right?

Dear Junebug: If we love God with all our heart, soul and mind, then why do we do so many things outside His will for us?

Posted in Religion on Sun, Nov 21st 2010

Keep the Scales Balanced

Dear Ricky:

What a daily struggle we ALL endure. For no matter our Christian maturity, our flesh is yet a weak vessel begging for strength and fortitude; all of which comes from God and God alone. In Romans 7:19, the paraphrased words of the apostle Paul, who wrote the majority of the New Testament, states that he (Paul) does what he doesn't want to do and doesn't do what he wants to do. So you and I, my dear, are in good company.

It's a necessary thing that we fight our fleshly desires daily, as this is what dying to the flesh is all about. Dying to our desires, exerting self control, which is a fruit of the Spirit, and living an obedient lifestyle to God is what we are to strive for in order to live out our profession of faith. 

Rick, my question to you is this: If you had a set of the two sided scales of justice and you put God's Word on one side and your life on the other, would your life reflect what you SAY you believe in HIS Word? I was asked this the other day and it made me squirm! How does your life balance out compared to all that the Word testifies? For example, if you believe what Jesus says in Luke 16:19-31 about the rich man who was in torment in Hades and begging the poor man Lazarus, who was in heaven, for just a drop of water, then do you witness with such fervor and urgency as to demonstrate your deepest belief in His Word and Truth? The question certainly should give us pause. 

So with that said, keep questioning, stay focused on HIM and pursue righteous living. When you do mess up keep on keeping on. Don't give up; Paul didn't, even though he struggled intensely as we all do. We are "little while" folks learning and preparing for the "long while" lives we will receive the day we come to life in Heaven.

Excited for that day,