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J from Tallahassee, Florida asks...

Witness the Right Way

Hey Junebug!  When you preach the Gospel to others, is there a specific thing you say every time, or does God reveal to you what to say?

Posted in Love on Thu, Mar 31st 2011

Be Yourself

Dear J.

I think that God orchestrates our every step if we ask HIM to, and given that HE puts people in our paths to witness to, then I have to believe that HE too gives us the appropriate words to say. Each person is unique and will receive God's word differently, so what we say regarding the LORD should depend on the person and the situation. 

One piece of advice I'd give you is not to try to hard to say the right thing nor memorize a bunch of Scriptures and start blurting those out. You will probably come across as insincere and too polished. It's always good to be yourself and, more than anything, let the love of Jesus come across in your actions. By doing these two things, your words will be the icing on the cake that your actions have built.

And most important, pray and listen for the Holy Spirit to lead you. Be bold yet seasoned with love.

I know just from the sheer fact that you have asked me this question that you are a man of God and you will do great witnessing. Be yourself and you will reflect God's love and kindness.