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Cindy from Cleveland, TN asks...

Raging Bull

Dear Junebug: How do you get rid of anger/rage that surfaces from stress and so many problems happening at once? How do you become less critical of others mistakes and behaviors when you're in a lot of pain?

Posted in Anger on Sat, Nov 13th 2010

Change Your Mind

Dear Cheryl:

First, you must never base your responses on the behavior of others. I learned a long time ago that my friends, family and co-workers will push my "anger", "bitterness" and "unforgiving attitude" buttons as long as I continue to react to their actions. As long as I allow someone to "make" me react a certain way, then I am giving that person power over me; and the only One that I want to relinquish that power to is JESUS! 

Cheryl, in the past, my feelings were hurt very easily. Sometimes it was warranted and at other times it was not. But now, I realize that I must receive all my love, self worth and value from my FATHER GOD and no one else! I have found that by giving it all to HIM I no longer live in bondage to others; always reacting to their behavior rather than acting like I'm a child of God's. With that knowledge, I became a confident, loving daughter of THE KING of KINGS and rarely allow the behavior of "other's" to determine mine! Praise God I'm free from all that and only react to the LORD; letting all the other junk slide right off my back. I refuse to let derogatory comments or slander define who I am!   

On a more practical note, I suggest you read many Scriptures on anger and controlling your temper; absorb them in your mind by constantly reading and meditating on them. In Romans 12:2, Paul tells us NOT to be conformed to this world, but to BE transformed by the renewal of our minds. Transformation comes from taking an active role in removing the old mind sets of hatred, anger and unforgiving attitudes and replacing them with God's truths, His word and His desires. The minute the enemy gives you a negative thought about someone, immediately begin to quote God's word. If you will follow these suggestions, these negative emotions of anger and rage will begin to subside and I trust you will notice a change of heart that will bring a peace you haven't had in years; maybe in your lifetime. 

Cheryl, I speak all this from first hand experience. This is not theory it's reality. I personally know how wonderful it feels to be set free from the bondage of others. For today, I know who I am in Jesus Christ and no one can change that!  Amen!

God bless you as you move closer to Him and further away from the grip of the enemy.